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Off to school they go!

The 2021-2022 school year is underway! SIF was able to provide school supplies to 35 children in a local community as well as sponsor several of our staff members children to attend school. The children are the future! These kids are going to school this year. Why? Because one woman in their community, who loves the Lord and lives her life to bring honor and glory to him, decided to make sure they were going to get an education. She took it upon herself to apply for scholarships to local schools for these 35 kids in her community. These are the same 35 kids she has been pouring her heart into for the last six months. Opening her home, her kitchen, and her heart. She prays with them, worships with them, and teaches them how to serve the Lord. She tells them how much they are loved. The only thing she asked of us is if we had some extra school supplies we could donate. We decided to meet that need and were able to purchase 35 backpacks and all needed school supplies for these kiddos. Today was a joyful day as Natasha and Junior delivered the backpacks. The kids start school Monday.

Natacha is a woman after God's own heart and we are blessed to have her as part of our SIF team. She's an amazing cook and a wonderful encourager. We pray the Lord blesses her efforts.

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