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Tuition and Building

Did you know that Building a shelter also helps someone pay for his tuition?

Steve is a young man who is one of the disciples of pastor Junior. Steve has been asking Junior for help to cover his college expenses. He graduated from high school years ago and he can’t afford to continue his education. This year, instead of asking for tuition money, he changed his request and asked Pastor Junior for a job. If he could earn money working, he could cover the expenses himself.

The construction team for small houses was the option that crossed Junior’s mind. Steve and Junior met and expectations were discussed. Steve was hired to be a part of the construction team.

Every time SIF builds a shelter, Steve is there working. He saves money and at the end of each month, he is able to pay his tuition fees. Now, not only the person who gets the shelter is blessed, but also the one who builds it. We are happy that people are blessed both ways, all thanks to God. Please keep Steve in your prayers as he takes the next step in his education.

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