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Guest Post by Cullen Rivers, SIF Board Member

I listened to a pod cast this week entitled “The World and Everything in It,” which is produced by the World News Group in Asheville, NC. In one segment it chronicled the daily struggle for survival for most people in Haiti-the daily violence and crime, widespread food insecurity, and rising maternal mortality (which is a reflection of the health of a country).

This reminded me of a recent devotional I read in TableTalk, a devotional booklet published monthly by Ligonier Ministries. In Joshua chapter 10, Joshua is winning the battle against a coalition of Amorite kings. And After the Lord sends down large hailstones, Joshua prays, “Sun, stand still at Gibeon.” And in verse 14 Joshua notes “that this was a remarkable day because the Lord heeded the prayers of man.” And in the midst of our life “battles,” God hears our prayers and those of His children in Haiti.

Ministry continues in Haiti. Raising Hope Ministry (RHM) is caring for and guiding the young ladies as they graduate from High School. Servants in Fellowship (SIF) is expanding small group ministry and fellowship, continues to build small houses (ten in the last year), provided a well and clean water for the Village of Grace, and assisted with cholera prevention in the recent outbreak.

Pray for and support these ministries. Ask for God’s blessings and guidance. Charles Spurgeon wrote, “whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the Kingdom.”

“Ask and you will receive.”

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