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A Caring Collaboration

Faith Hope and Love

These three words sum up the heart of ministry and are the focus of the continuing work of Servants in Fellowship.

Faith acknowledges our confidence in our Heavenly Father to provide for and care for us as only He can. Faith is also the name chosen by FanFan Janvier to acknowledge God in the foundation and continuation of a school in Croix des Bouquets. Many of you recognize Faith Academy as a beacon of light in the community. Despite Haiti’s inconsistency, FanFan and Faith Academy stand true and strong as a trusted site in a rocky world. The team at Faith Academy have been preparing for the day when the school can welcome children into the classrooms again.

Hope is the expectation of things to come. What better way to prepare for the future than through education? Raising Hope Ministries and Servants in Fellowship are working together to support the young ladies from The H.O.P.E. Center for Orphaned Girls. The girls are building on the foundation provided at HOPE to pursue higher education online or abroad. Eight of the 20 “sisters” live together in Port-au-Prince attending English-speaking, American-accredited high schools preparing for the opportunities to come. Tim and Toby Banks, who raised the girls in person from 2005 until 2013, and then from afar, started Raising Hope Ministries. RHM provides for students in Haiti that have the skills and motivation to attend a US university but lack the resources to make that dream a reality. The pilot program at RHM starts with the girls from HOPE and plans to grow to other students as God leads. A partnership between RHM and SIF makes sense. SIF was started years ago with the girls from HOPE as a cornerstone purpose and is honoring this relationship by supporting these girls as they prepare to answer God’s call on their lives.

Love is an intense, indescribable, and deeply sensed presence in our lives. God is love. Our Father showed us the depth of His love when He sent Jesus to pay for our sins on the cross. It is our honor at SIF and RHM to support community development as a source for evangelism opportunities. Meeting a physical need opens the door to meet spiritual needs. Junior Cineas is our man on the ground in the role of loving on people and meeting their needs. Whether preaching, leading Bible study, counseling, discipling, or building homes and water filtration systems, his fire for the Lord is contagious and people have come to know Jesus as Savior through his shepherding.

Travis and Erin Brubaker and their family have served in Haiti as missionaries and directors for SIF for several years. They built a network with like-minded ministries to care for and build up Haitians in multiple communities. They have poured their hearts into the people and into their service in Haiti. Their season in Haiti has come to an end, but the foundations and connections they built will have everlasting impact. Tim and Toby Banks will be taking on administrative duties for SIF while running RHM. They will be the “boots” on the ground, sometimes in Haiti and sometimes in the US but always with their hearts.

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