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Things may look different, but the message stays the same

If you follow the news about Haiti, it’s not a surprise to you that things have been difficult. Access to food & water, fuel, and even security have been challenging for most Haitians. There are two options in this type of environment, and they are exact opposites: HOPE and DESPAIR.

At Servants in Fellowship, we are working to spread the news of HOPE in all circumstances through Jesus Christ.

While teams are on hold during this season of insecurity, the relationships built in Haiti over years of work and friendships allow us to continue to meet needs daily.

Faith Academy is open, and the students began to trickle in last week. Now they are flowing into the school to learn and grow in a Christ-centered educational program. Teachers are engaged and cheering each day as more students join the classrooms. The food program is up and running and the children get a full belly to go with their new knowledge. Huge smiles abound and our leader of FA, FanFan Janvier, has the biggest smile of all.

Supporting our partner organization, Raising Hope Ministries, is helping several young ladies move toward post-secondary education. These young ladies also participate in the community development and evangelism outreach SIF leads.

Junior has been hard at work leading a group of young people in becoming disciples, providing a way to get water to Village of Grace again with a Solar Pump system, preparing a team to distribute and teach others about household water purification systems, and mentoring the young ladies from RHM. He has also led a group of Haitian men as they built three houses so far this year for families in need. These families now have a safe home and access to Bibles (written and audio).

So, as teams and hospitality are on hold for the time-being, ministry continues. We covet your prayers as these servants work to bring the knowledge of Christ to those who need to hear the Good News.

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