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Jumping back in!

After arriving back to Haiti on Thursday, Travis N Erin Brubaker jumped right back in with both feet! Current and pre-field missionaries serving with MAF began arriving Friday for security training with Concullim. In total there are 16 children and 40 adults participating in the training! The SIF guesthouse is hosting 12 of the adults and 2 of the children. Throughout the day, all 16 children and their babysitters have been hanging out at the guesthouse and enjoying the playground area, as well as having fun tie-dying shirts, playing games, and even an Easter egg hunt. Our staff are LOVING having so many folks to cook and care for.

We continue to have 2 young couples living in the guesthouse as they determine their long term plans.

Friday May 6th we will hold our first communion at the guesthouse for those who have been participating in Friday Bible study group, they are so excited!

Next Saturday will begin our first Saturday Bible study group. It will comprise of mainly young adults and teens who have voiced an interenet in growing in their walk with the Lord. Can't wait to see what God has planned for them!

Fanfan and Faith Academy are doing great and prepping for 9th grade exams.

Insecurity continues to be a problem (thus the security training for MAF missionaries).

Please continue to partner with us and our Haiti team in prayer and support as they reach out, share the truth, and point those around them to the one who saves.

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