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A thought on understanding suffering

While recuperating from knee surgery over the past week, an unexpected blessing was to be able to binge-watch the last available season of The Chosen. I highly recommend watching this series. The dramatization may or may not match with your minds-eye of how you envisioned Jesus and The Disciples to look and sound, but for me, watching the New Testament unfold onTV was an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

I found myself thinking of Haiti during the shows that explore the human experience of suffering. The age old question of why God allows suffering such as that which our Haitian brothers and sisters continually experience, was explored in the last few episodes. The Disciples are told, again, that suffering will always be a part of human existence, for the faith-ful and faith-less. The difference is that God is with us...and the Haitians...every moment of our suffering.

Part of God's response to suffering is the work through people and organizations like SIF and RHM to help alleviate problems contributing to suffering. More importantly, people bring God's love to other people in need. Opening ourselves to His love and strength during times of pain, hopelessness, and fear is the blessing we have from Christ. His gift is there...take it and share it!

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