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In April of this year a sweet young couple got married. They spent a few nights at our guesthouse for their honeymoon. Afterwards they rented our studio apartment for what was supposed to be 1 month as they submitted the necessary documents to move to the Dominican Republic. Well, after 1 month they were still here. The government was slower than expected with their paperwork, and things got held up. They weren't able to afford the monthly rent on the studio apartment. But, Travis felt led to work with them and gave them the apartment at a significantly lower price than normal. They stayed and became a part of our lives here. The wife joined our staff for Bible studies and many conversations over bread and coffee. She grew in her faith and both her and her husband's joy were contagious. When she lost her mother to Covid, we cried with her. At the end of September it was time for them to move on. Today, Erin got a text message from them saying they were coming to the guesthouse, that they had something for Travis & Erin. They presented us with this beautiful, hand made "Mesi" sign. They were so grateful for the many months of discounted rent, fellowship, and help. We are incredibly grateful that we are able to invest in the lives of others through the SIF guesthouse. Because of donors like YOU, we are able to offer affordable rates to the local community. Thank you for being a part of what the Lord has called us to do.

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