A Message for Pastors

Pastors, as shepherds of their designated flocks, take on a spiritual responsibility that exceeds no other. Your goal is to train those in your care to listen to the voice of the true Shepherd, to follow His leading, and to become vessels through which He can serve and love.  This is a tall order! During the years our missionaries have worked with teams, we’ve seen how God uses mission experiences to radically jolt team members. We’ve witnessed countless times how a short-term mission experience kindles a spiritual fire that does not die. We want to come alongside you and your congregation, helping the body grow in love for the Lord and for each other.

Click here to read a personal invitation from our Field Director (who has hosted short-term teams for over 19 years) and to learn more about our heart for helping your body of believers grow through missions.

Several pastors have seen their own hearts and their churches revolutionized. Below are recommendations from some of them as well as contact information. These pastors are willing to share their mission experiences with you, pastor-to-pastor. Please contact them if you have questions or concerns about beginning or strengthening a missions program by partnering with Servants in Fellowship.



Pastor Brian Law, Lead Pastor of the Christ Church Network based in Kettering, Ohio

A recommendation from Brian:

I have been involved with ministry in Haiti with the Bensons for 15 years.  I have seen God transform people’s hearts and minds and turn them from being self-absorbed in their own lives to become people whose hearts burn to be in ministry not only in Haiti but in their local communities.  God is involved in the ministry of SIF and it doesn’t matter what your gifts are, there is a place of ministry for you in Haiti on a short term trip. 

Contact Brian for further conversation about how partnering with Servants in Fellowship has helped to change people’s lives.

Email: brian@christumc.org

Phone: (937) 293-3151 x 180

Church website: www.christumc.org


Ted Grueser, Missions Director at Trinity United Methodist Church in Gainesville, Florida

A recommendation from Ted:

I have been leading mission teams to Haiti with the Bensons for a little over fifteen years.  It has been one of my greatest joys to watch the number of people’s lives that have been changed because of their experience serving in Haiti.  Each person that goes comes back a changed person!  SIF does an incredible job providing opportunities to serve and experience God in settings in the community they are serving.  This sense of community only strengthens our love of God and our love for others.  Everything is incredibly organized and efficient.  They make the most of your time and use every opportunity to serve others, to give God the glory.

Contact Ted for further conversation about how partnering with Servants in Fellowship’s missionaries in Haiti has changed team members forever.

Email: tgrueser@trinitygnv.org

Phone: (352) 416-3043

Pastor Dan Richter, Community Bible Church in Mansfield, Ohio

A recommendation from Dan:

This was my eighth trip to Haiti serving with the Bensons, but my first trip with SIF.  I was concerned about the circumstances that were surrounding the trip and what that would mean for my team and me. I shouldn’t have been!  God was in control.  Greg was right there with us every step of the way. In the end, our team had a great experience.  We were able to build new relationships with the Haitian people and were able to experience serving God with some new and exciting opportunities.  This trip has changed the lives of the people in this church and we are already talking about going back next year.

Contact Dan for further conversation about how partnering with Servants In Fellowship has changed the people he’s pastored and how he expects to connect Community Bible Church with SIF.

Email: dan@discovercommunity.org

Phone: (419)747-7986

Church website: www.discovercommunity.org