Team Inquiry

Short term teams are a big part of our ministry!

We want to empower both Haitians and teams to
build community,
share in the love of Christ, and to
grow deeper in their relations with God.

Quick Facts

Time Frame: 1 week (8 days, 7 nights)


  • Located about 20-30 minutes from the airport.
  • Secure guesthouse with American style  furniture and restrooms.
  • Delicious and satisfying meals, including both Haitian and American cuisine

Typical Projects:

  • Construction
    • Small Home Construction
    • Specific project such as building a church or roofing
    • Housing Repair
  • VBS/ Children’s Ministry
  • Combination of VBS and Construction
  • Mobile Medical (requires at least 3 providers & a pharmacist


  • $300 Registration Fee
  • $650 per team member
  • Team project fee (to cover project costs) (Typically $2500)
  • Airfare and miscellaneous travel expenses


  • To share the truth of Jesus Christ through humble service
  • To work side by side with Haitians, fostering mutual respect
  • To familiarize participants with a different culture
  • To ignite passion for God
  • To challenge individuals to exercise faith and follow God’s direction for their daily lives

 To find out more or to schedule a team,
contact the home office.

Check out the following resources to start your journey with us!

Pamphlet on SIF mission projects: A brief overview of the importance and benefit of missions.

Team Fees: Click here to see the fee structure for a team.

Team Registration: Register your team to officially secure the date!

Team Member Application: Each team member must complete an application.

Authorization for Minor to Travel: Minors traveling without a parent or with a parent who has sole custody must complete this form and submit a copy with the application.

Evaluation Form: Following a short-term mission experience, we appreciate feedback to help us serve you best.

Mobile Medical Guidebook: Instructions for Mobile Medical teams. This explains the process and flow of a mobile med team as well as responsibilities for various roles.

Mobile Medical Team Drug Booklet: This outlines specific medication information for providers to use in the mobile med setting.