Village of Grace

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Housing Construction Period: July 13, 2015-May 20, 2016

The final house (#165) was built on May 20th for a woman who not only accepted the house, but Jesus too!

last house

The Journey

We became aware of Village of Grace through Google Earth.
It’s just one spot in the overpopulated  Port-au-Prince.

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160 tents crammed onto a small government-owned plot of land.

Looking for another tent city to develop, Greg & Fanfan went to see VofG. They found a village with a strong sense of community and an established committee of local leaders. This is important! We expect local leaders to make decisions throughout our involvement with the community. They will continue to live there and lead long after we have finished working in the village.

The community leaders toured Montreal, the first tent city we worked to transform. Overjoyed at the prospect of hope, the leaders worked with Greg to obtain government permission to build the houses.  We tried to obtain a permit for other government-owned property and were turned down. Obtaining such a general permit indicated to us God’s favor, leadership, and timing for this project.

Construction began July 13, 2015 while no missionaries were in Haiti. FanFan made sure the construction crew of 5 men (all from Montreal!) had supplies and were paid. He and Estime, the crew chief, made sure the houses were built well. The village committee determined who got houses first, and where each house should be built.

The crew worked Monday-Saturday, and houses started appearing in neatly laid-out rows.

By the time the missionary staff returned in October,
about 60 houses had been built!

October 2015 to May 2016- Teams joined the construction workers to build more homes. Construction really accelerated, as some teams built 11 houses in a week!

The community helped with the construction.

Work in the community went beyond houses.

We shared about salvation through Jesus every way we could!

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We had a well drilled, for easier access to clean water. The community was thrilled by this gift! We don’t have photos of the actually drilling, and these don’t show the extent of this well’s use. It’s a true blessing to the community.

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The pastor of the Village church showed us the need for a church building. Thanks to a church in PA, we were able to replace the tarp and tin structure with a solid one.

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June-October 2016, a school for the community children was built. Community members were expected to help with the building project. The school, which sits at the entrance to the community, sparked much attention and excitement from those passing by.

Our ongoing involvement with the pre-K to 6th grade school will be minimal. Before construction we worked with the local leaders to ensure they had a way to keep the school going. This village school will be overseen by a local school board.

The First Day of School- Monday, October 10, 2016

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