The Tin Houses


  • 12′ x 12′
  • Constructed on the former tent site   (Construction process details)
  • Built in one day so the family is never without a place to sleep
  • Made with locally obtained construction materials to help the Haitian economy
  • Designed with a plywood floor, a lockable door, a window, two corner shelves, and a sloped roof for rainwater collection
  • Providing shelter from the elements, a safe place to keep belongings, and a sense of permanence and hope
  • Estimated to last 20 years

Typically Haitians spend most of their time outside. Their houses are used primarily for sleeping, as shelter from the elements, and as a safe place to keep their few possessions. These homes provide for those needs. Families often add a tarp awning to one side to provide shade as they cook and sit outdoors.

Throughout the construction of each house, we present the Gospel in word and deed. We give a Creole Bible to the homeowner and share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Each house is prayed over and dedicated to the Lord.

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