Housing Repairs

There are so many needs in Haiti. Meeting those needs is very important to us, but so is the way we meet them. In order to foster long-term benefits and to share Christ’s love effectively, we want Haitians and teams to work together and empower each other.

Housing reconstruction projects provide a way to collaborate with local committees in order to assess and meet needs.

Here’s the story of one area in which we repaired many homes:

 A group of individuals in Croix-des-Bouquets formed a volunteer committee to identify the most substantial housing needs in the community. They created a form for each house, tracking the location and the date of inspection. The form also notes whether the tenants own or rent the property, how many rooms there are, and how many children and adults live there. While assessing the home, the committee members ask the tenants questions about what they feel is most needed in the community, recording this on the form too.

The committee asked our missionaries to meet with them and discuss how we can be involved through work teams.  We explained the goals we have-

–  to come alongside them (not to be in charge of them),

–  to help only where we are needed and wanted (not to overstep our welcome),

–  to target truly needy individuals (not just friends),

We also expressed that someone from the committee should be at the work site any time a team is there. This involves the committee members in the project personally, puts them in charge of maintaining order, and helps the tenant feel more comfortable with our presence. We also require the tenants to help with the repair of their home. If the tenant is unwilling to help, we’ll move on to the next house on the list.

These committee members truly want to help their community. We are merely responding to their initiative. While meeting together, they discussed with us some other needs in the community. As relationship and opportunities develop, we hope to share Christ’s love there in other ways- through mobile med teams, mobile eye clinics, VBS teams and evangelical teams. We are excited the Haitians are taking responsibility for their neighborhood. We want to empower them in this endeavor.

Would you like to be a part of this project? The Haitian committee members sought our help. Now we’re seeking yours!
Join us as we share Christ by serving others!

Click here to see photos from the team that repaired Ida’s house.

There are many more houses to repair! To find out more about setting up a team, visit the TEAM INQUIRY page.