Travis & Erin Brubaker



Birthdays:  Travis: August 11

                          Erin: May 16

                          Noah: December 13, 2009

                          Eloise: June 7, 2013

                          Fitsum: January 1, 2015

                          Youneysie: October 19, 2019

Married: August 9, 2008

Home Town: Myerstown, PA

Home Church: South Lebanon Community Church, Lebanon, PA

Moved to Haiti: January 3, 2019


Travis & Erin were blessed to be raised in Christian homes. They both received Christ as their Savior as young children and rededicated their lives to Him as teenagers. After marrying at age 19, God began continued working in their hearts, shaving away at the parts of them that didn’t line up to His will and His word. After being blessed with two biological children, Travis & Erin felt God calling them to adopt. Throughout the adoption process God revealed Himself in ways they had never experienced before. They felt like their eyes were suddenly opened to what it meant to say “yes” to God, no matter what. Their heart for the oppressed and hopeless drove them to question what God had for them and their family. Through the love and support of Christian friends, family, and mentors, Travis & Erin continue to seek time daily to be with God in prayer and meditation of His word.

The Family: 

Travis: Travis is trained as an electrician. He has worked various jobs including roofing, solar, and electrical. Serving as a foreman at his most recent job has helped to hone his leadership abilities. Travis’ ability to fix just about anything and his unique problem-solving skills will serve him well in Haiti.

Erin: Erin is a certified Radiologic Technologist. She has worked in trauma hospitals and an urgent care facility. She spent 3 years training nurses and other medical personnel to triage and work in an urgent care setting. After 9 years in the medical field, Erin left to stay home with their 3 young children. Organization, planning and hospitality are Erin’s forte and she looks forward to helping run the guesthouse in Haiti.

Noah: Noah is a creative, energetic 10 year old. He has his own goals for Haiti, including recycling trash into toys (something he already does) to give away to children in the communities SIF works with. He attends Quisqueya Christian School (QCS) and helps out around the guesthouse.

Eloise: Eloise is a sweet spirit who has a way with little ones. She is only 7 years old, but wise and loving beyond her years. She too has plans for Haiti, including helping with medical care. She practices  by playing “clinic” with her dolls (one named Fanfan, the other named Greg). She has a heart for people and a unique ability and desire to comfort those around her. She is also attending QCS.

Fitsum: Fitsum (affectionately called “Fitzy” or “Finn”) is a sweet, spunky 5 year old. His contagious laugh and big toothy grin will make you smile every time. Fitzy loves his trucks and trains. His favorite activity is playing with his brother and sister, and they often oblige. Fitsum’s easy-going personality makes him a joy to be around. He is in pre-school at QCS.

Youneysie: Youneysie (Nesi for short) joined our family in December 2019 at 2 months old. The beginning of her story is heartbreaking, but our God is a God of redemption. We are blessed to be a part of her story. She is a joyful little one whose laughs and smiles are contagious. She loves interacting with her three older siblings and they love to play with her as well. After a rocky start we are grateful to report that she is healthy and developing well. Please pray for us as we navigate the often challenging waters of Haitian government agencies, paperwork, and the necessary funds to move forward with Nesi’s adoption process.

Favorite Scripture: Micah 6:8

“He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God?”

The Missionary Journey (very short version):

God used Fitsum’s adoption process to grab hold of Travis & Erin’s attention. It wasn’t long after bringing Fitsum home from Ethiopia that they both felt the Spirit beginning to pull them toward something more. By July of 2016 they finally admitted God was calling them to explore full time missions work. They didn’t know how or where, but decided to listen, and to walk through doors as God opened them. They applied with one organization, but the door closed on that opportunity. They assumed that maybe God was saying “no” to missions work. But, after a few months the Holy Spirit began to tug on their hearts even stronger. Sermons, songs, scriptures, friends’ words, all of it was like a continual pushing by the Spirit. In July 2017, they had the opportunity to hear Greg speak at their church’s annual missionary Sunday. They wept during his speech, on the way home, and as they wrote a letter to Greg & Cathie, expressing their feelings that God was directing them to serve with SIF.  They gave them the letter later that evening, and by August were beginning the application process with SIF. Every step of the way God has brought peace, comfort and reassurance. Having spent time in Haiti with SIF has only solidified God’s call. They are excited to see what God holds in store for SIF, for Haiti and for their family.

Most Inspiring Place You Have Been:

The mountains above Port-au-Prince. The beauty among the hardship is staggering.

Interesting Facts:

Travis and Erin met in kindergarten, but don’t really remember each other (even though Travis has the kindergarten Valentine Erin gave him). They met up again in 8th grade English class. The rest, as they say, is history!

Hobbies From Years Past:

Kayaking, ziplining, backpacking, hiking, camping. Their family loves to do anything outdoors or adventurous. Travis & Erin are both avid readers and Noah is showing himself to be one as well!

Dream Vacation:

Erin would love to visit Europe (she loves history and historical architecture). Travis has his sights set on Australia (scuba diving, cliff jumping, and the outback would be on his list).

Favorite foods they’ll miss in Haiti: 

Raw milk (Erin grew up helping on a family farm and still milks for a friend a few times a week), goats milk (Fitsum is allergic to cow’s milk), homemade strawberry jelly (Noah’s favorite), and of course…ice cream (a favorite of Travis & Eloise)!