This is our primary need!

We’re always trying to hook up needs with resources, problems with solutions.
◊ A friend is struggling with something, so you connect him with another friend who’s been through the same thing.
◊ Someone else has a significant financial need, so you connect her with a local organization or church which can help.

We’re quick to make connections like that, but often less eager to connect with the ultimate Friend and Provider. How strange!

Often we wrack our brains searching for solutions…when really, we just need to pray, to ask God for a solution. He’s got the authority and power to do the ‘impossible’ and His ideas are always better in the long run!

Talk to God about:

  • Long term growth in Christ- Not an emotional or spiritual ‘high’, but a deeper understanding of God and a stronger relationship with Him.
  • Effective ministry- They’d accurately portray Christ’s character to all they encounter. That people would desire Jesus as a result.
  • Spiritual protection and authority
  • Coordination of details/prep/flight arrangement
  • Direction of how/where to serve post-trip
  • A Prayer Guide for Teams
People we Serve
  • Daily provisions
  • Encouragement through difficulties
  • Recognize the power and truth of God over everything, including the ‘spirits’ and curses of voodoo
  • Believe in Jesus as Savior and King
  • Connect with local believers for discipleship and growth
  • Mutually beneficial interaction with us

(How to Pray for Missionaries by Paul Zimmerman)

  1. Love for God- From this stems the ability to love others.
  2. Genuine love for others- Some people seem hard to love. Pray they are infused with God’s love for each person.
  3. A deeper relationship with God- This is the source of strength, perseverance, and hope.
  4. Spirit-controlled lives- Pray they are following God’s direction at every turn.
  5. Fruit of the Spirit- The Spirit’s fruit on display is very attractive to those who don’t know Christ yet.
  6. Wisdom & Knowledge- Pray for God’s wisdom to be given and His knowledge to lead them in conversation and in making decisions.
  7. Courage- Standing out is not always easy!
  8. Receptive hearts- Pray for hearts open to the person of Christ.
  9. Disciples- Pray not only for conversions, but for people to truly want to follow Christ in the fullness of all that means.
  10. A strong faith- Pray they will have great faith to ask great things of a great God, and pray they will have faith to do what God leads them to.
  11. Steadfastness- Pray for strength to carry on no matter the circumstances.
  12. A strong family- Pray for mutual encouragement and support between family members.
  13. Protection- Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection.
  14. Material needs- Pray God will continue to provide for their material needs.
  15. Health & Strength- Rest is often hard to get when you are surrounded by needs. Pray for physical and mental rest and God’s hand on their bodies. In Haiti rough roads jar the body and the heat is exhausting and unrelenting.