Faith Academy

Institution Mixte La Foi de Lafferonney (official French title)
Referred to by the original name: Faith Academy2016-03-25 09.38.14

frist school days 022Directed by FanFan Janvier


Faith Academy is located outside of Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. 
This rural area  is significantly more populated than it was when the school first began in 2006!06 to 16 community change

Faith Acunnamedademy provides education for about 400 Students.
Students start as young as age 3 (two years of pre-k)
Grades pre-k to 6th grade are offered.  A 7th grade class was added Fall 2016.


Faith Academ100_0695y’s feeding program provides lunch to all students.
Teachers identified one of the biggest obstacles to learning was hunger. The kids were too fatigued or distracted by hunger to pay attention. All students are now offered a free lunch.

Recent Changes:
  • Adding a 7th Grade class (with 8th & 9th grades to follow in the coming years)
  • Converting current classroom space into restrooms upstairs and downstairs, replacing the two out-house style bathrooms
  • Building a new kitchen next to the cafeteria, so food distribution and cleanup are much easier
  • Changing the old kitchen into classroom space